Authorities continue to investigate the death of a 75-year-old man in Inglewood found decapitated.

The gruesome discovery was made at 12:45 p.m. Thursday in an apartment in the 800 block of Glenway Drive.

The victim’s cousin said the man’s beheaded body was found inside the Villa Glen apartment complex. She identified the victim as Robert Hollis. Hollis was an active churchgoer.

In a FaceTime interview, Cousin Alysia Powell says Hollis’ son made the discovery.

“It’s so hard to process and so vicious in the manner it was done is so vicious,” Powell said.

Powell says, everyone nicknamed Hollis as Mr. Bojangles because of his love of music, he was retired but sang in two church choirs. He was also well know for his Letter Striping seen on local neighborhood business’ like Tal’s Cafe on Florence and 5th ave. He was a regular here and the employees had nothing but positive things to say about their interactions with Hollis he was a kind and gentle manIMG_0352.

“Bo was an incredibly kind and loving person. Very much an artist,” she said.

She says nothing was stolen from his home and he was even wearing all his jewelry when he was found.

She further explained that the victim’s head was not discovered near the body, and couldn’t be found within the immediate area.

Inglewood police spent the afternoon and evening collecting evidence. The watch commander said homicide detectives are investigating, but wouldn’t confirm how the victim died.

A police dog with officers has arrived on scene presumably to conduct a search. However, all police would report is that a suspect remains on the loose.

His family is confident, though, that there will be justice.

“Whoever did this, please know that you’ll be found if you don’t come forward yourself,” Powell said. “You will be found.”

The ex-wife of the victim was also interviewed, who said they had been married for 26 years. She said he was 80 percent blind and was learning to read Braille and was in the process of getting a service dog.

Hollis’ cousin Tony Love said he was “still in shock.”

He echoed the sentiments of his other family members when he said Hollis was an incredibly sweet soul.

“The most beautiful person you would ever want to meet,” Love said, “He wouldn’t hurt a fly, no enemies.”

Love said Hollis enjoyed a daily walk around the neighborhood and was a regular at Tal’s Cafe on Florence and 5th ave. A friend would also take him grocery shopping once a week.

When Hollis didn’t show up at the friend’s house Wednesday, the friend called Hollis’ son who made the gruesome discovery. the following day.

“We all know we are mortal,” said friend Evette King, “But we don’t expect to be decapitated.”