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What’s your post about to be about? Share it here. Next, you’re going to want to categorize your post.  While you’re at it, why not tag your post. Tags help search engines index your post so it’s easier to search by users. Then, add a featured image. This is OPTIONAL. That’s it! That’s all you need to start blogging. When you’re ready to publish your work, click on ‘Publish’ to your right. Here, let me show you.

Ok, like I said before, that’s all you really need to start blogging. HOWEVER, if you want search engines to fall in love with your post, you might want to consider OPTIMIZING it for the search engines. At Web 323, we can both create and optimize posts for the search engines when you’re signed up for a website maintenance plan. But, if you want to go add it yourself, here’s how!

Below, you’ll find the Yoast SEO blox (note – you need the Yoast SEO plugin installed on your site before you will see this box on your post creation page). Moving on… so let me show you…



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