AP Female Fatcap




AP Female Fatcap
The only Female Fat cap on the market. Finally a cap you can use for fillins and flares on your male cans. This cap features a comfortable contour feel for your finger and includes an over cap to protect against accidental sprays. The AP Female Fat Cap will spray about 4-5 fingers wide from about 12 inches away. This cap works well on MALE VALVE Painters Touch and American Accents spray paint cans (these are the cans with the stems sticking out of the valve). To best utilize the Female Fat Cap, we recommend removing the plastic ring from the bottom of the cap. After doing so push the female cap on firmly until you hear the definitive click. this is the recommended method to ensure that the cap is fully seated on the stem. You can still use the clear over cap with this method. *UPDATE* We have been informed by our customers in Asia that the AP Female Fat and the EZ Rider will fit large stem paints(Scotch Gaurd type) like Bosny and Pylox. Currently these are the only female caps we know of compatible with these International brands


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